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Yet Another Use For Facebook

Taunt the police.

At least that’s what one UK man is doing. After escaping from prison in September, Craig “Lazie” Lynch has been on the run and rubbing it in the police’s collective face the entire time. He’s using Facebook and picture updates to flaunt his adventures to the authorities and has collected thousands of fbook friends along the way.

 Not directly pertinent to marketing or GoLeads but hey, interesting, no?

Call me crazy but I don’t have high hopes for his new year.

UPDATE 01/14/10:

I was sooo right about his new year.


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Happy New Year Everyone!

GoLeads hopes everyone had an exciting and safe end to 2009.

We just finished up our first meeting of the year and are very excited to get back to work and catapult the size and success of our company and your company in 2010.

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2009: Quantity AND Quality

It’s getting to be that time. We’re saying goodbye to 2009 and hello to 2010. The past year has been a very busy one for our company. Our goals were growth and development and we’ve achieved just that.

We’ve not only added 3 new employees to our team, but 3 new positions to outfit our expanding business. We made a major marketing push in 2009, hiring on a marketing assistant, expanding our direct mail and email output, enhancing our social networking, etc., and plan to continue our active and successful marketing pursuits in the upcoming year.

In 2009 we also brought on board senior sales representatives Curtis Hansen and Crystal Howell to develop and operate our new Reseller Division. Between them they have 28 years of experience and have already been had great success in the sale of our internal customer, business, agricultural and specialty files. They look forward to more than doubling the division in the year 2010.

So, it seems 2010 is going to be an exciting one for GoLeads. And hey, maybe this is the year I finally keep my resolution to go vegetarian and attend Jazzercise every day…

Yeah, probably not.

In what ways are you going to make your company bigger and better in the new year?

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Where’s the Bat Signal when you need it?

“Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.”

I was hanging out with my younger sister the other day. She’s 19 and pretty much attached to her phone at all times. Watching her constantly text and Facebook (guess it’s a verb now, huh?) reminded me of a news report I read a few months back.

Above is the link but the gist of the story is this:  two young girls in Australia, ages 12 and 10, got stuck in a storm drain. Instead of using their cellphone to call emergency services, they asked for help by updating their facebook status. Only once a friend saw the update and alerted emergency services were the girls saved.


I know that I’ve heralded the benefits of social networking on this blog. But wow. Sure these tools can have a great and important sociological, political, journalistic…and marketing… impact, but I so hope we don’t lose sight of the big picture. Common sense is still needed. There is no magic bullet, no one way to do everything. Twitter can’t sell all your products. And Facebook won’t always save your life. So let’s keep direct mail and 911 fresh in our thoughts, ok?

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Seasons Greetings!

We want to wish everyone a very merry and safe holiday.  We hope your day is full of friends, family, food and laughter.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at GoLeads!!

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‘Tis the Season

It’s been a tough week if you’re a nationwide company. This weather sweeping the country has everyone’s schedules out of whack. You’re out of commission for a day or so because all the roads are a death trap (or because the city finally plowed your street only to trap your car behind a 4 foot wall of condensed icy plow snow…I’m not bitter), only to come back and find that it’s hard to close any business because most states to the east of you are dealing with the weather that just left you behind.

So yes, it has been a bit of a business pain. And it’s of course a logistical nightmare. But you know what I found? It was actually really nice in a lot of ways.

I moved to my apartment recently and had yet to meet most of my neighbors. But this whole experience really brought all of us together. We scraped and dug out and pushed each other’s cars. We were out there in our bathrobes, at 6 in the morning and 10 at night. We made each other coffee and called from window to window checking to see if anyone needed anything. And when the lady across the street had her son come and plow our street, we all stood outside, applauded and gave him money. There was so much community cheeriness it was like a Disney movie.

The whole experience was very uplifting and encouraging. People really do want to help those who need it. And they love sharing a story. So when clients do start answering their phones again, take a minute before getting to business. Ask them how they’re doing. Get their story and share your own. And not just that story about the city trapping your car behind a 4 foot wall of condensed icy plow snow…but about the 4 neighbors who spent 2 and a half hours helping you dig it out.

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Plus a little something extra:

How many of you have heard of Radio Lab? It’s an absolutely outstanding radio program from WNYC. It’s kind of hard to explain something so genius but it turns out Seth Godin is a fan of it too so I’m just going to borrow his description: “The content of each show is a unique mix of science, pop culture and relevance.” You can read more about his love for the show in this post, aptly titled, “The best podcast/radio show of all time”

Basically the lives of everyone who listens to it will be enriched and enlightened. Plus you’ll feel way smarter than all your friends.

And now is the perfect opportunity to listen to it. About a year ago they actually did an entire episode about choice. And they focused on the difficulty of choosing …yep, that’s right…..apples (see below post “The Core of the Problem”).

Here’s the apple clip from that show. It’s fascinating and relevant. I highly, strongly, EMPHATICALLY recommend you give it a listen.

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