The World According To Twitter

Alright, some info from the “Twitterverse.”  

Ok, you know what…I tried but I can’t do it. I really dislike that term. I’m trying to get with the lingo(…I sound like I’m 65 years old now, don’t I?) but must we always combine names!? We’re typing! It’ll take two more seconds to complete the words and press the space bar!


Sorry, little rant there. So anyway. Ahem. Here’s some interesting links having to do with the Twitter Universe. Or the world according to Twitter. Or heck, just Twitter.

Mark Ramskill
“The Smart Way” 

Mark Ramskill’s introductory blog about Twitter is just that. It assumes only that you’ve heard of Twitter and begins its explanation there. Which, let me tell you, is refreshing in the world of Twitter how-to articles. From what I can tell, Twitter is a very nuanced world and getting bogged down with information about how to maximize your Twitter experience with tips and programs is rather intimidating and off-putting for a newcomer. Ramskill does get a bit more in depth later in the post but it’s still a good jumping off point for starting “The Smart Way.”

Maria Pergolino
“Dreamforce 2009: Using Twitter Effectively for Marketing and Sales” 

Pergolino’s focus is more on how to use Twitter to your advantage once you’re fairly well-versed. Which is kind of a jump forward for us newbies but it is kind of inspiring to see the creative ways in which some have used Twitter to reach out to their clients and the world at large.

Now then, I don’t mean to sound like too much of a Twitter cheerleader. I’m not a Twittizen yet. This is an evolving process of research and trial and error. But you have to admit, using Twitter to send someone champagne on a plane is pretty sweet…

Also, how good of an idea is this: “Giving money to charity if people talk about your brand online. In one example, Virgin gave $1 for every tweet to a charity at a conference.” Awesome.


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