It’s Twitter Time

It seems that I have a meeting coming up for a crash course in Twitter. Meaning I’ll be spending some time this week researching using Twitter as a small business marketing tool.

And man, there’s a ton out there. Absurd amounts really. Even with all that information, it’s hard to feel like you’re reading anything unique and it’s especially difficult to comprehend that info in relation to your own industry. But that’s my job. To take the general information I gather and morph it to my needs. And it can be done. There’s plenty to say, plenty to offer, plenty of questions to address. But I’ll admit, I’m a bit nervous about approaching those things via Twitter. I have trouble seeing how real business can infiltrate a medium so overrun with fluff, annoyance, and incomplete sentences.

But Chris Brogan is telling me it can be done, Seth Godin is telling me it can be done. About 50 million other blogs are telling me it can be done…so I’m thinking it can (and should) be done! 

There’s still a lot more to learn but as a simple observer, I think there’s one thing I’ve really noticed about the importance of Twitter. Yes it’s a quick and immediate way to connect with your clients and potential clients. It’s a fantastic means to attend to their wants, needs, etc. But one of the most beneficial things it supplies is that it not only gets your name out there, but it demonstrates your competency. Think about it. There’s A LOT of work that goes into this. And if you do it well, it legitimizes you and your company. Especially in B2B, where businesses are familiar with the struggles of social media and respect those who can pull it off. You gain automatic street cred.

But I guess it’s still a matter of being able to pull it off. Check back for some links. Since I’m already sorting through the dozens of websites, I might as well save you the trouble by posting some of my favorites!

So what experiences have you had so far using Twitter for B2B?


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