‘Tis the Season

It’s been a tough week if you’re a nationwide company. This weather sweeping the country has everyone’s schedules out of whack. You’re out of commission for a day or so because all the roads are a death trap (or because the city finally plowed your street only to trap your car behind a 4 foot wall of condensed icy plow snow…I’m not bitter), only to come back and find that it’s hard to close any business because most states to the east of you are dealing with the weather that just left you behind.

So yes, it has been a bit of a business pain. And it’s of course a logistical nightmare. But you know what I found? It was actually really nice in a lot of ways.

I moved to my apartment recently and had yet to meet most of my neighbors. But this whole experience really brought all of us together. We scraped and dug out and pushed each other’s cars. We were out there in our bathrobes, at 6 in the morning and 10 at night. We made each other coffee and called from window to window checking to see if anyone needed anything. And when the lady across the street had her son come and plow our street, we all stood outside, applauded and gave him money. There was so much community cheeriness it was like a Disney movie.

The whole experience was very uplifting and encouraging. People really do want to help those who need it. And they love sharing a story. So when clients do start answering their phones again, take a minute before getting to business. Ask them how they’re doing. Get their story and share your own. And not just that story about the city trapping your car behind a 4 foot wall of condensed icy plow snow…but about the 4 neighbors who spent 2 and a half hours helping you dig it out.


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