Business Marketing Myths

Marketing for any business can be intimidating but it can be particularly scary for a small business. You’re sending a portion of your limited funds out the door with no guarantee that it’ll return. But it’s vital to success. It HAS be done, especially in this economic climate, and you might as well do it right.

Here’s some of my favorite advice from a list of The Top 5 Business Marketing Myths from Small Fuel Marketing:

“Myth #2: The bigger the audience, the more customers you’ll get
A bigger audience is usually a less targeted audience. A less targeted audience will get fewer conversions. In the end, a large audience means you’ll spend a lot more money for the same number of interested potential customers.”

This is a call back to the point I made in my post ” The Core of the Problem” -market to the people that you should be marketing to! Carefully analyze what your target audience is and make sure your list provider offers the SIC codes that will allow you to arrive at that perfectly targeted list.

“Myth #4: You only need to market until you build up momentum
Having momentum is a good thing, but it’s very important to keep on the ball. Markets can change quickly, and people get bored fast—so stay on top of things to make sure your business continues growing over the long haul.”

Keep and update those contacts. If you make your presence known at reasonable intervals, you’ll be remembered when the time comes to buy.

“Myth #5: A really great product will sell itself
Even great products need marketing to really succeed. Having the right message, and delivering it to the right people, will help take your great product and turn it into a great small business with great sales. The product alone isn’t likely to do that.”

Remember that amazing target market you cornered using all those selects and SIC codes?

Remember that great product you have? Sounds like a marketing match made in heaven.


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