The Core of the Problem

If you’ve ever read Seth Godin’s blog, you know that it provides candid, thoughtful and fascinating insight into the musings of a seasoned media specialist. He sees social media and marketing in all of his surroundings, which I think is a major key to his success since the basis of marketing really lies in an empathetic and intense understanding of human society and behavior. So it’s always interesting to check in on what quirky experience he has witnessed and read how he sees that behavior affecting YOUR business’s marketing success.

A few days ago he had a particularly compelling post (“Fear of Apples” )about the paralysis of choice: When talking about consumer hesitancy he states that, “In our industrialized world, people are now afraid of apples. Afraid of buying the wrong kind. Afraid of making a purchasing mistake or some sort of pie mistake.

And they’re afraid of your product and your service. Whatever you sell, there are two big reasons people aren’t buying it:

1. They don’t know about it.

2. They’re afraid of it.

If you can get over those two, then you get the chance to prove that they need it and it’s a good value. But as long as people are afraid of what you sell, you’re stuck.”

Let’s be honest, most of us have been guilty of this at one time or another. And it’s not getting less confusing or intimidating. In this society, new options and opportunities present themselves at an ever increasing rate. And he’s right; no one wants to choose the wrong thing and look a fool in front of their family, friends, or that pushy sales person.

This means we have to be all the more selective in our marketing efforts, but the answer is not to limit the options for the consumer. It is to KNOW who your consumer is and offer them what they want and, even more importantly, what they need. Take the indecision out of buying. Find your target and offer them what they want. Yes, these are the basics of marketing but sometimes it’s hard to remember in a world that alters and adds as quickly as ours.


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