Plus a little something extra:

How many of you have heard of Radio Lab? It’s an absolutely outstanding radio program from WNYC. It’s kind of hard to explain something so genius but it turns out Seth Godin is a fan of it too so I’m just going to borrow his description: “The content of each show is a unique mix of science, pop culture and relevance.” You can read more about his love for the show in this post, aptly titled, “The best podcast/radio show of all time”

Basically the lives of everyone who listens to it will be enriched and enlightened. Plus you’ll feel way smarter than all your friends.

And now is the perfect opportunity to listen to it. About a year ago they actually did an entire episode about choice. And they focused on the difficulty of choosing …yep, that’s right…..apples (see below post “The Core of the Problem”).

Here’s the apple clip from that show. It’s fascinating and relevant. I highly, strongly, EMPHATICALLY recommend you give it a listen.


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